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Everyday tool to monitor, measure and prevent non-compliance in your halal business.

Everyday tool to monitor, measure and prevent non-compliance in your halal business.

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Taqyim Halal Assessment Tools

Businesses need to know their halal readiness level. Here's why:

Business owners are concerned that obtaining halal certificates will be a time-consuming, complicated, and lengthy process. The time it takes to assemble the large quantity of documents and evidence required to qualify for the halal certification process is one of the main issues. 

Our Halal Assesment & Readiness Tools (HART) will help SMEs to prepare and equipped their business with the necessary knowledge and resouces prior to applying for halal certification. By using HART, you can increase the probability of your halal certificate application being approved the first time. Even if your business are not ready to be certified, We will guide you on the steps to improve your halal business readiness. It saves time, cost, and energy!

Safa Halal Training Platform

Complete accreditation journey to become halal professionals all in one platform.

It is the easiest way to find and apply for available courses offered by professional training provider recognised by Halal Certification Bodies. Upon completion, training applicants will receive a Verified CoreHalal Badge they can share in their resumes and social media upon completing the training and will be listed in our Halal Practitioners Directory. 

This platform connects halal training providers with potential applicants who wish to pursue a career in the halal industry. Our aims is to increase the number of professionals in the market by equipping them with accreditations courses endorsed by Halal Certification Body.

Arfa Auditor Platform

Balancing the halalness in your business: The importance of halal auditing.

Halal audit is asystematic and independent examination to determine whether business activities are in compliance with the documented procedures, and whether these procedures are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve the planned objectives. 

Our Arfa Auditor App provides Halal Auditors (Internal & External) a cloud-based and mobile app halal auditing system to help them prepare, plan, execute and produce halal audit report for the purpose of applying and maintaining halal certification. It consists of an intensive predefined audit checklist which is developed according to the latest guideline document by the Halal Certification Body. It also comes with AI integrated reporting feature as well as audit evidence records management.

Halal Assurance System

Digital Halal Assurance System: Eliminate manual mundane task in your halal operation.

HAS is a systematic step-by-step approach to ensure and preserve halal integrity of products. This is based on the concept of effective recall procedure, traceability, availability of a proper filing system for halal applications, documents, procedures and records with quality management system throughout the supply chain. 

Our Halal Assurance System provide a peace of mind to the business owners. It will helps to prevent contamination and keep track of everything in the halal business operation. Our HAS platform will help you to manages your daily run & maintain, so you can focus on your customer satisfaction.

Everyday tool to monitor, measure and prevent non-compliance in your halal business.

Everyday tool to monitor, measure and prevent non-compliance in your halal business.